Thursday, November 18, 2004


My beliefs are farfetched for mankind. I don't believe in mass religions or denominations. I love my father and I love my brother in heaven. I can't wait to be took from this world and live with my father. I am 21 years old now and I'm already done with living on this earth. I keep going because my father asked me too, he didn't tell me, he didn't make me, he didn't get mad, he whispered to me gently and told me I need you here just a little longer, don't let your light in this world burn out, make it brighter, make it as bright as the stars and live for me, be for me, I'm all and my love never ends, keep going...I have faith in you my stop being this way and do something good, I know who you will become and I know what you will go through to get there...............I have to go now but if someone has something to talk about, I talk to all and try to help all. Bless all children of the father! Good Bye!